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Bazooka Unit
Bazooka Unit Infobox
Japanese Name: 監獄弾バズーカ部隊
Romanized Name: Kangokudan Bazūka Butai
English Name: Bazooka Unit
First Appearance: Chapter 543; Episode 445

The Bazooka Unit (literally meaning "Jailer Bullet Bazooka Unit") is a battalion of one thousand human soldiers who guard Impel Down. They first appeared in Chapter 543 and Episode 445.[1]


Each member wears a militaristic-styled uniform, with sunglasses, rather than the torturers' style.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Each soldier wields a bazooka that shoots powerful bullets.


They were ordered by Vice Warden Hannyabal to guard the stairway that connects Levels 3 and 4 in order to stop Luffy and the other escaping prisoners. When Marshall D. Teach suddenly appeared, they were all sucked into his darkness and were regurgitated, causing them to faint from the pressure and shock, thus annihilating the entire squadron.[2]


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  2. One Piece Manga and Anime - Vol. 56 Chapter 543 and Episode 446, the Bazooka Unit is wiped out by Blackbeard.

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