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Batchee[2] is the name of the insect which Fullbody tried to use to humiliate Sanji by stepping on him and putting him in the soup he had made. The plan did not go the way Fullbody had hoped it would. It is classified as a Type B creature, "Small Friendly".[3]


Batchee is an average bug.[1] In the manga, he is a fly.[4]

In the anime, he has two antennae, two little black eyes, ten legs, and two long appendages jutting from his behind.[5]


Little is known about Batchee’s personality.


He somehow got to the Baratie by hitching a ride on a boat presumably. Fullbody stepped on Batchee and put him inside of his soup, in an attempt to humiliate Sanji. Fullbody's plan did not go as planned, and he ended up being the one humiliated.[1]


  • The anime version of Batchee resembles a silverfish (thysanura) if compared with a real insect.[5]


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