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The Barrels Pirates[1] were a pirate crew led by Diez Barrels.

Crew MembersEdit

Although a fair number of members were shown, only two were named: the captain Diez Barrels[2] and his son, Dory.[1]

Crew StrengthEdit

The crew possessed enough strength to somehow acquire the Ope Ope no Mi, but not wishing to use its power (apparently not knowing its ultimate ability to grant eternal life), they intended to sell it for Beli5,000,000,000.[2] They were not strong enough to overcome Doflamingo and his Birdcage, leaving them at the complete mercy of the mighty broker,[3][1] but some years later, one of the members, Dory started his own pirate crew and became a Super Rookie of the Worst Generation. Dory was noted to be the strongest member of the crew, but weak in fortitude, and the only one lucky enough to escape.[1]



The crew's members first appeared on Minion Island, where their captain Barrels made a deal with the Marines over the Ope Ope no Mi, but were then intruded by Donquixote Rosinante who stole the Devil Fruit.[2]

Later, the remaining pirates are killed by Doflamingo's Parasite and Birdcage which caused the pirates to kill each other before they were looted by the rest of the invading Donquixote Pirates.[3] The only survivor is Dory, who was outside the wire cage at the time and refused to help his dying crew, instead fleeing and later formed his own crew.[1]


  • The captain, Diez Barrels' surname means "ten" in Spanish, otherwise written as "X" in Roman numerals, and Dory is later known as X Drake (with the "X" pronounced similar to "Diez" in Japanese). This is most likely a family name, as the two are father and son.
  • Both known members of the crew - X Drake and Diez Barrels respectively - were known to be former Marines before they left to piracy.


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