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Bari Bari no Mi
Bari Bari no Mi Infobox
Japanese Name: バリバリの実
Romanized Name: Bari Bari no Mi
English Name: Barrier-Barrier Fruit
Meaning: Barrier
Usage Debut: Chapter 708; Episode 637[1]
Type: Paramecia
User: Bartolomeo[2]

The Bari Bari no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to generate barriers for defending or striking at will, turning the user into a Barrier Human (バリア人間 Baria Ningen?).[2] Bari comes from baria, the Japanese way of pronouncing the word "barrier". It was eaten by Bartolomeo.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Bartolomeo Power

Bartolomeo's invisible barrier breaking Hack's hand.

The main strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to form invisible barriers, though they can be solidified to become visibly transparent. This protects the user from attacks from either front or back. The barriers appear to be immovable by any outside force. The barriers are strong enough to defend against even a fishman's high-powered punch, which injured said fishman's hand in return.[1] Even the shock wave produced from Elizabello II's punch, which could allegedly take down an entire fortress, could not breach the shield, nor the area behind it. The shield can also be used for offensive purposes, launching forward to create powerful forces to strike the targets, or to deflect forces sent by enemies right back at them. According to Bartolomeo, he can create his barriers by crossing his fingers.[2]

It is unknown if the barriers have a damage limit, but so far the ability appears to react depending on the strength of incoming force, as Bellamy was able to touch Bartolomeo with an outstretched hand, rather than with a strike;[2] as well as the barrier reacting to Hack's punch while Bartolomeo wasn't facing him, this may indicate a passively-active fruit. Bartolomeo has also stated that he was unable to completely block Pica's giant stone fist, although it is unknown if the barriers have a maximum size or just require a lot of training.  It is also shown to be unable to block sound.[3] Besides these weaknesses, it shares the standard weaknesses of Devil Fruits.


Bartolomeo uses the fruit's power to protect himself in combat, sitting idly by while his unsuspecting foes attack him and injure themselves.[1] He can also use the shields offensively to strike down and repel his targets.[2] He can also use the barriers as walls to immobilize and crush his victims.[4]

Attack ListEdit

  • Barrier (バリア Baria?): Bartolomeo activates his fruit's ability by crossing his fingers, causing a transparent barrier to appear which can protect him from attacks. So far, two shapes for his barrier have been seen, a rectangular barrier and a half-circle barrier.[5]
Barrier Crash

Barrier Crash.

  • Barrier Crash (バリアクラッシュ Baria Kurasshu?): Bartolomeo forms a transparent barrier in front of himself and sends it towards enemy so fast it crushes his enemy. The crush is powerful enough to defeat Elizabello II and create a shock wave. It was first shown being used against Elizabello in Corrida Colosseum right after it shielded Bartolomeo from the King Punch.[2] He showed what appears to be a variation of this technique earlier, kicking Hack with an invisible force boosting the strike.


  • It can be considered ironic that Bartolomeo has this Devil Fruit because his behavior is provoking, but this Devil Fruit is by nature defensive.

External linksEdit

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