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Banaro Island
Banaro Island Infobox
Japanese Name: バナロ島
Romanized Name: Banaro Shima
English Name: Banaro Island
Debut: Chapter 434; Episode 325
Region: First half of the Grand Line

Banaro Island is an island that was ransacked by Blackbeard and his crew. The island is very close to Water 7, but is not part of the Sea Train route.


Main article: Banaro Incident
Banaro Incident Infobox

The Banaro Incident.

Portgas D. Ace eventually finds Blackbeard [1], where a huge fight soon ensues. Before they began fighting, the citizens evacuate to the outskirts of the island and can only watch as their town is destroyed. Blackbeard shows Ace the powers he was given by the Yami Yami no Mi [2]. The island is where Ace was defeated, and then soon handed over to the Marines. The island's fate is unknown, but the incident was later referred to as the Banaro Incident.

Noticeable PlacesEdit

Banana RockEdit

This island is known to have huge rocks that face up in different directions called Banana Rock. It was situated near the town where the Ace vs. Blackbeard fight occurred. It was destroyed during the battle.[2]


There was an unnamed town on the island where Ace finally encountered Blackbeard after his long search. The town had an old Wild West theme. It was destroyed by Blackbeard when he decided to show off his Yami Yami no Mi powers to Ace.

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