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BEFORE DAWN is the fifth ending to One Piece. It is sung by Ai-Sachi in Japanese, and Carli Mosier in the FUNimation dub.


Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji and Vivi do a footrace on an island with still shoot between the first two lyrics. Ultimately Nami wins the race and Vivi comes in second mostly due to Zoro and Sanji fighting, Usopp just being too slow and one of the animals distracting Luffy with a piece of meat when he was about to reach the finish line. As the two girls lounge and relax, the male Straw Hats set up camp by getting firewood, fixing food, getting the campfire going, etcetera. Then to Nami on a cliff looking out over the ocean. And finally a shot of the group partying around the camp site that nightfall.


Nemuranai kono machi mo
Ima dake wa madoromu
Kyou kara to kinou made nani ka ga kawatte yuku
Kitto yarinaoseru hazu
Datte hitori janai kara

Soba ni ite kureru dake de
Tsuyoku nareru ki ga suru

Doko made ikeru kana mirai e tsuzuku basho
Tooku de kagayaite sekai o tsutsumikomu
Yoake mae

Ao ni naru shunkan o
Machikirezu hashiridasu
Kizutsuita omoide hodo
wasurete shimaeba ii
Mayowanaide susumu kara
Zutto mite ite hoshii

Kotoba ni shinakute mo
Yasashisa kanjiteta
Nan ni mo kikanaide
Issho ni ite kureta
Yoake mae

Ookina tsubasa no motta
Tori ni natta mitai ni

Doko made ikeru kana mirai e tsuzuku basho
Tooku de kagayaite sekai o tsutsumikomu
Yoake mae

FUNimation English Dub Edit

English Credits: Edit

English Lyrics - Brina Palencia
English Singer - Carli Mosier


My life has been too still
My heart is unfulfilled
But you could be the one to set me free.

Something has to change
My world can rearrange
I'll do anything as long as you are with me!

I've grown stronger having you by my side
We've started on an everlasting ride
I'm invincible when your love is near
When I'm with you I have no fear!

Let's see how far
We can make this go!
The world is ours
The future's bright, I know!
I see it shine
In the distance, glistening like water when the sun
Rises in the dawn!


  • This is the first ending to feature Vivi.

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