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This article covers the different foods and beverages found within the series.


Fruits and VegetablesEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Main article: Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit (悪魔の実 Akuma no Mi?) is a mystical fruit that is said to be enchanted by the sea devils themselves. They are very rare, and can sell for over Beli100,000,000 each. Each is said to taste unimaginably disgusting, but eating it can grant a special power at the cost of no longer being able to swim.


Nami with tangerines

A young Nami with a tangerine.

Tangerines, or oranges (sometimes "Mikan" (蜜柑(みかん) Mikan?) as the fruit is called in Japanese), is fruit that Bell-mère grows. She has a tangerine grove in her yard. Bell-mère always liked to cook something from tangerines (also other foods behind tangerines). Before she died, she was cooking tangerine sauce. After Bell-mère died, it became Nami's memento of Bell-mère. When Nami went on a voyage with Luffy, she took the tangerine trees with her.

Tangerines are often used as a symbol for Nami. Her tattoo is a combination of a tangerine and a pinwheel, in the 7th movie she wears a collar band with a tangerine and in Movie 10 she leaves an envelope sealed by a tangerine emblem.

Tangerine sauce is an orange sauce that is made of tangerines. Bell-mère was cooking it for dinner, along with a duck and rice.

Tangerine TreesEdit

When Nami departed her village, she brought with her three tangerine trees onto the Straw Hat Pirates' ship, first on the Going Merry then later on the Thousand Sunny. They provide the crew with Vitamin C as well as some decor for the ship.

Nami does not want anyone eating the Tangerines from the tree, aside from Nami taking care of them, Sanji also protects these three trees from those who might otherwise harm them or steal the fruit, like Luffy. During Water 7 Arc, when the crew abandoned the ship, Nami took the trees and moved them to the hotel storage house. After the Enies Lobby Raid, Nami thought all of the crew's belongings and her tangerine trees were washed away by the Aqua Laguna, going into a deep depression as a result. In reality, the locals seized them (and the rest of the Straw Hats' belongings) and kept them for themselves, on the belief that they were responsible for the assassination attempt against Iceburg, but when they learn the truth, they returned the belongings, including the tangerine trees, and Nami happily hugged them.

Together with Robin's flower garden, the chimney for the kitchen below, and the office branch for Usopp's Factory they now reside in a little area on top of the kitchen and dining hall of the Thousand Sunny that mimics the area on top of the Going Merry.


Doc Q's apples

A basket of apples.

Apples have appeared several times in the series. Notably, Doc Q handed them out at random in Mock Town, having laced some of them with explosives as a "test" of luck for anyone who accepted them. Luffy took one and immediately devoured it, but fortunately, his apple was not a rigged one.[1] Apples are also Enel's favorite food, and he could be often seen eating them.[2]

An apple also served as the "host" for the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl, after the Devil fruit's previous user, Smiley, had perished.[3]




Conache (コナッシュ Konasshu?) are a type of fruit that can be found in Skypiea. They are square, blue-green in color, and it cannot be eaten. Only the juice is consumed. They first appeared in Chapter 239 and Episode 154.


Pumpkins are a plump, orange fruit. While pumpkins are grown on the Blue Sea, they can also be found in Skypiea.

Before Montblanc Noland, there were no pumpkins in Skypiea, but in 1122 Noland visited Jaya and brought pumpkins to the Shandia Tribe.[4] When the Knock Up Stream sent the part of Jaya which later became the Upper Yard to Skypiea, the Skypieans drove the Shandia tribes away from their homeland and found pumpkins there and started growing them themselves. Four hundred years later pumpkins became a popular food in Skypiea. Gan Fall loves them, owns a pumpkin patch, and would always say that he loves the smell of pumpkins.


Sugar Anime Infobox

Sugar eating grapes from a bowl.

Grapes are small, purplish berries that usually come in clusters.

They are Sugar's favorite food and she often eats them by sticking her fingers into the grapes, as such, she is almost always seen carrying a bowl filled with grapes. Aware of this fact, the Tontatta Tribe tried to trick her into eating their Tatababasco, which they made sure to look like grape, in order to make her faint, but Sugar was able to defend herself and identify the Tatababasco by smell, thinking it was Poison. Sugar also tried to turn Luffy and Law into toys by offering them grapes as distraction, but was knocked down by Usopp from afar before it could happen.



Meat ( Niku?), in its broadest definition, is animal tissue used as food. It is Monkey D. Luffy's favorite food. Meat also acts as something much more than simply a type of food Luffy likes to eat. When Luffy is either tired or exhausted, he simply eats some meat. In no time, he will be full of energy and ready to fight.

Sky SeafoodEdit

Sky Seafood is the Skypieans' favorite type of food. Luffy ate it and loved it. It first appeared in Chapter 240 and Episode 154.



Caesar Gloats About Candy

Caesar holding some drugged candy.

Candy is a general name given to confections that mostly feature sugar.

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, is said to be obsessed with candy and has made a deal with Fishman Island; a monthly payment in candy to have the entire island under her protection. The candy produced in the Candy Factory of Fishman Island is of a very high quality as noted by both Luffy and Big Mom herself.

Caesar Clown used candy laced with a powerful stimulant drug called NHC10 which he used to addict the children he kidnapped, ensuring that they would always return to him in case of escape or else suffer from withdrawal.

Cotton CandyEdit

Cotton Candy is a confection made of spun sugar rolled up on sticks.

It is one of Tony Tony Chopper's favorite foods and the source of his Epithet "Cotton Candy Lover". Cotton candy is served in places such as Long Ring Long Land (at the Davy Back Fight) and Sabaody Archipelago.

Rumble Ball CandyEdit
Main article: Rumble Ball

Rumble Ball Candy (ランブルボールキャンディ Ranburu Bōru Kyandi?) is a type of candy that resembles a Rumble Ball that Chopper gets the urge to eat when transforming. It was revealed in SBS Volume 66 when Oda was asked why Chopper ate a Rumble Ball despite claiming not to need it outside of using Monster Point.

Cherry PiesEdit

Marshall D. Teach Young

A young Teach eating a cherry pie.

Cherry Pies are baked desserts that contain cherry fillings.

They appear to be Marshall D. Teach's favorite food as he has been seen eating cherry pies since his time as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and still does even after entering the New World. A specific bar in Mock Town serves those and Teach appears to really like those as well. Luffy, however, thought they were awful and considers them his least favorite food.[5]


Garp Dog Mask

Garp eating a doughnut.

Doughnuts are ring-shaped, deep-fried dough snacks.

Monkey D. Garp seems to like doughnuts as he can be seen eating them or rice crackers often. In the anime, he claims to have eaten 842 doughnuts without taking a break, beating a world record.[6]

Ice CreamEdit

Yu Anime Infobox

Yu holding an ice cream cone.

Ice Cream refers to a sweetened frozen dessert.

Yu, a little girl from Loguetown, accidentally spilled some ice cream from her cone on Smoker's uniform, but Smoker didn't mind and gave her some money so she could buy another cone.


Cacao Island Food

A stall of Cacao Island food.

Chocolate refers to certain food products prepared from cacao seeds.

Cacao Island, one of the islands that compose Totland, contains "Chocolat Town", which consists of buildings that are mostly made of chocolate. It is legal to eat them except for the roofs. It is considered a crime to eat the roofs except for when dismantlers are hired to eat the entire building before the material expires.

The island also seem to have chocolate variants foods such as burgers, pasta and fried chicken.[7]



Anthropomorphic croquembouche.

Croquembouche are pastry balls piled into a cone.

A group of anthropomorphic croquembouche stayed at Sweet City on Whole Cake Island temporarily. Right as they were leaving, Big Mom developed a craving for them and went on a rampage. Jinbe took the croquembouche tourists and fed them to Big Mom, satiating her. The croquembouch were originally unwilling to be eaten, but they happily accepted their fate when Big Mom called them delicious.[8]


Attack CuisineEdit

Attack Cuisine (攻めの料理 Seme no Ryōri?) is a special kind of food only found in the Kamabakka Kingdom. According to Sanji, the cuisine emanates a powerful aura and flavor to the one consuming it. It is said by Ivankov that it builds up the physical side of the human body; he even vouches for it as the reason why the inhabitants of the Kamabakka Kingdom have fit and powerful physiques. While "Attack Cuisine" is not denied to outsiders, and is in fact freely offered, only the people who have gone through the "Bride Training" and have become users of the Newkama Kenpo are told the 99 vital recipes of the Attack Cuisine though exceptions may occur. Ivankov gave Sanji a challenge to earn the recipes. The challenge was to defeat the 99 Newkama Kenpo masters who are in possession of the 99 recipes while avoiding becoming an Okama.[9] Sanji accepted the challenge and eventually conquered it.

As of yet, only one of the 99 recipes has been revealed in detail.

  • Hormone Soup with Sea Pork (海ブタ肉入りホルモンスープ Umibuta-niku iri Horumon Sūpu?): A large pot of soup made with pork intestines (offal), it is able to rejuvenate the consumer's energy and strength. It is known as Sea Pork Offal Soup in the Funimation subs.[10]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Volcano CookingEdit

Panz Fry's Volcano Food

Panz Fry's volcano-cooked food.

Volcano Cooking (火山料理 Kazan Ryouri?) is a particular type of dish cooked in magma's heat, made by Panz Fry.

  • Sea Animal Churrasco (海獣シュラスコ Kaijuu Shurasuko?):
  • Thousand People Paella (千人パエリア Sen-nin Paeria?):

Concludes non-canon section.

Oikawa CafeteriaEdit

  • Dress Shrimp Paella (ドレスエビのパエリア Doresuebi no Paeria?)
  • Rose Squid Squid Ink Pasta (ローズイカのイカスミパスタ Roozu-ika no Ikasumi Pasuta?)
  • Fairy Pumpkin Gazpacho (妖精のパンプキン入りガスパチョ?)


The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Aqua Laguna SaltEdit

Sea salt is produced through evaporating seawater.

When Aqua Laguna occurs, the saltwater hits the roofs of every structure relatively close to shore. When the water evaporates from the sun, it leaves the salt behind in a fine layer. Supposedly it brings salt from all the oceans, including the All Blue, giving it a superior flavor.

Concludes non-canon section.

Mizu Mizu FoodsEdit

Several types of food are specific to Water 7. All their names start with "Mizu Mizu".

  • Mizu Mizu Manju (水水饅頭 Mizu Mizu Manjū?, literally meaning "Water Water Bun"): first appeared in Chapter 325 and Episode 231.
  • Mizu Mizu Chinese Cabbage (水水ハクサイ Mizu Mizu Hakusai?, literally meaning "Water Water Chinese Cabbage"): first appeared in Chapter 326 and Episode 231.
  • Mizu Mizu Meat (水水肉 Mizu Mizu Niku?, literally meaning "Water Water Meat"). Humans and Yagara Bulls love this type of meat. First appeared in Chapter 324 and Episode 230.
  • Mizu Mizu Candy (水水飴 Mizu Mizu Ame?, literally meaning "Water Water Candy"). First appeared in Episode 317.


Mushrooms are the fruiting body of certain fungi. Some are edible while others are toxic.

When Luffy was young, his grandfather used to abandon him in forests for his training, where Luffy became well-versed in various types of mushrooms for the sake of survival. During the Amazon Lily Arc, when Luffy was sent to Amazon Lily by Bartholomew Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, he found several of those mushrooms and ate them. Usopp hates mushrooms as he once ate a toxic one and got poisoned.

Laughing MushroomEdit

A mushroom that induces the consumer to laugh happily out loud. Its perfect for those who are depressed and wish for a good time.

Anger MushroomEdit

A mushroom that, once eaten, causes the consumer bouts of rage. An effective counter to this effect is eating a Laughing Mushroom.

Crying MushroomEdit

A mushroom that, once eaten, causes the consumer bouts of weeping. An effective counter to this effect is eating a Laughing Mushroom.

Body MushroomEdit
Main article: Body Mushroom

A mushroom that, once eaten, causes mushrooms to grow out all over the consumer. They will continue to sprout, until the consumer dies.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Drowsy MushroomEdit
Drowsy Mushroom

A pile of Drowsy Mushrooms.

The Drowsy Mushroom (?) is a type of mushroom that grows on Mushroom Island and was discovered very recently. Anyone who eats it will briefly lose consciousness. When they come to, they will not have any motivation to do anything. As they aren't actually poison, even those with high poison resistance (like Luffy) will fall victim to this effect. Komei tricked members of the Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates into eating them during the Davy Back Fight so he could capture them.

Rebound MushroomEdit
Rebound Mushroom

Dojaku holding a Rebound Mushroom.

The Rebound Mushroom (?) is a type of mushroom which also grows on Mushroom Island. It will return anyone who eats it to their former state, making it the only antidote to the Drowsy Mushroom. Chopper discovered it growing on the skin of Kinoconda, an animal native to Mushroom Island.

Concludes non-canon section.


Bonney Reading the News

Bonney eating a slice of pizza.

Pizza consists of a baked flatbread topped with cheese, tomato sauce and other ingredients.

Jewelry Bonney appears to have a preference for pizza, as she is often seen eating a slice of pizza whenever she makes an appearance. The Donquixote Pirates were also seen eating a gigantic pizza in the past, back when they were stationed at Spider Miles.


Ramen is a dish consisting of noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth with or without toppings.

It is the cooking specialty of CP7's Wanze. He prepares ramen by ingesting flour and using his nose hairs to cut it into noodles. Because of those questionable methods, people refuse to eat his food.

Ramen is also the core of Wanze's very own fighting style, Ramen Kenpo, where he uses the noodles created by his nose for battle purposes.

Rice CrackersEdit

Rice crackers (米菓 Beika?) are dry confectionery that are made of rice. Monkey D. Garp is very fond of them.


Okaki refers to fried rice crackers. They appear to be a favorite of former Fleet Admiral Inspector General Sengoku, who also used the name of the snack as a codename back in his Admiral days.

Scorched Stone StewEdit

Scorched Stone Stew was a dish Sanji prepared while the Straw Hat Pirates were gathered in the Upper Yard. By dipping a flaming stone in the stew, the heat coming from the stone can boil the food within.

A variety of ingredients can be put in the stew such as bananas, walnuts, garlic, frogs and rats, although Nami objected to the latter two.


Hatchan, Camie and Pappug Working Together

Hatchan, Keimi and Pappug make some Takoyaki.

Takoyaki, or octopus fritters are a food first mentioned in Hatchan's Sea Floor Stroll where the ultimate recipe is sought out by Hatchan and Keimi. They then open up Takoyaki 8, their takoyaki bar, and end up serving the Straw Hats when they are on Sabaody Archipelago.



Leo holding Tatababasco sauce disguised as a grape.

Tatababasco (タタババスコ Tatababasko?) is a spice custom made by the Tontatta dwarves.[11]

It is strong enough to make some of them faint, and was planned to be used to knock out Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates.[11] However, she discovered the ploy, believing it to be poison, and forced the grape down Usopp's throat instead. Though not used as planned, it did force Usopp into making a horrifying visage of pain and anguish — with his eyeballs and tongue rolling and twisting, a combination of blood, drool, mucus, and tears all over his face, and flames shooting out of his mouth — which scared Sugar into unconsciousness.[12]

Random CurryEdit

Random Curry

Luffy's Random Curry, much to the distaste of those who ate it.

Random Curry (気まぐれカレー Kimagure Karē?) was a dish made by Monkey D. Luffy during the first day of his travel to Whole Cake Island. However, as he forgot to turn off the stove while reading the newspaper, the kitchen caught on fire.[13]

When it was finished, it was swiftly proven that Luffy's complete lack of culinary skills led the Random Curry to come out horribly wrong, much to the despair of Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Carrot, Brook, Pedro, Pekoms, and even Luffy himself when they all tasted it. The rice was uncooked, there was some unidentified bitter purple matter, the pot was filled with fish bones, Luffy put jam into it, and a strange transparent jelly-like substance. Worse is, Luffy spent an entire week's worth of provisions to make this alone, because he kept making wrong during the cooking process. This left the crew to starve with a pot of completely inedible substance for the entire week.[14]



Alcohol ( Saké?) are types of beverages that can impair the drinker. It should be noted that the word "sake" is used often in the One Piece series to refer to alcohol in general due to that being how the Japanese language works. However, as English has adopted "sake" into its lexicon to refer to nihonshu, it is actually a mistranslation to refer to all alcohol in the series as "sake", because in English, "sake" refers exclusively to "nihonshu", while often it is another form of alcohol being discussed.

In the series, rum and other alcoholic beverages are prevalent throughout the series. In the real world, water was impossible to take on long journeys as improperly stored water goes stale within days and leads to water poisoning and other diseases. Alcoholic drinks were seen as a cheap alternative as they did not turn stale like water and can last for much longer (in many cases years) as well as a cheap leisure pursuit and social drink. Oda himself continued this tradition with his own story and even provided explanation for why certain drinks were linked to pirates in one SBS. One of the more prominent cases is the song Binks' Sake which is a typical pirate song about delivering alcohol. The first reference to drinking alcohol came from Shanks in Chapter 1 (anime Episode 4) and Higuma's incident at Partys Bar in Luffy's hometown.[15]

In the 4Kids English dub, any references to alcohol were altered to "juice", in line with their toning down of the anime for a younger audience. The uncut FUNimation dub, however, keeps all references to alcohol intact.




Rum (ラム Ramu?) is a strong alcoholic drink that has been historically linked with pirates and sailors. It is distilled from sugar cane and thus was abundant in the heavily pirated Caribbean. Rum in particular was one of the cheapest alcoholic drinks for purchase and was bought by the barrel.

Rum was also the official drink of the British Navy; this was originally brandy, but was later changed to rum simply because it was cheaper.

Usopp threw a bottle of rum at Chew and shattered it with a pachinko shot, and then launched an incendiary bullet to set the fishman ablaze.[16]

Silvers Rayleigh always carries a flask of rum with him, and drinks often from it, whether when he was in slave captivity[17] or watching Whitebeard die onscreen.[18]

Nihonshu (Sake)Edit

Whitebeard and Roger

Whitebeard drinks traditional nihonshu with Gol D. Roger. Notice the traditional round bottle on the right and drinking it from dishes.

Nihonshu (日本酒 Nihonshu?) is a particular type of traditional Japanese wine brewed from rice. However, English lexicon has, over time, adopted the Japanese word sake to refer exclusively to "nihonshu". Nihonshu is easily distinguished from other types of alcohol by the traditional white bottle and traditional method of drinking it, sipping it from small dishes, rather than from mugs, bottles, or cups.

Sake is seen being imbibed at several points during the series, but is rarely named as such. The first time it is definitively seen being drunk is during Shanks time in Partys Bar. It should also be noted that Gaimon's home-made alcohol he and Buggy shared during Buggy's mini-story arc appears to be "sake" as they drink it from dish-shaped holders rather than full-on cups.[19] The last drink that Whitebeard and Roger had with each other was sake.[20] Vasco Shot carries a calabash gourd of sake with him at all times,[21] earning him the nickname "Heavy Drinker".

Shanks, who has traveled the world, thinks his hometown in West Blue makes the best "sake" in the world.



A bottle of Jerez.

Jerez is Zephyr's favorite type of alcohol. Kuzan gave him a bottle of it, which Zephyr later drank just before his final fight with Luffy. It is sold in 0.75L bottles and produced in Sherry. This is a pun on sherry (known as Jerez in Spain), a wine produced in the city of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain.


Doflamingo Drinking Déesse

Doflamingo drinking an entire bottle of Déesse.

Déesse is a brand of alcohol, apparently red wine. When a 25-years old Donquixote Doflamingo woke up from a nightmare of being lynched by a mob during his 8-years old childhood, he gulped down a bottle's worth sloppily to cool his head, dripping some on his chin, and then tossed the bottle and what little remained in it to the ground before picking up a ringing Den Den Mushi.[22] "Déesse" is the French word for "Goddess".

Monkey WineEdit

Monkey Wine is a famous drink originating from Zou. It is made from fruits collected in the forests of the island. Monjii served this to Zoro.[23]


Juice is a general name given for non-alchoholic drinks extracted from fruits and vegetables.

In the very first chapter of the series, Shanks offered Luffy a glass of juice at Partys Bar.[24]

Pumpkin JuiceEdit

Pumpkin Juice is a drink extracted from pumpkins. Gan Fall is very fond of pumpkin juice and is known for serving it to guests on his house. It is also served on the Pumpkin Cafe.

Vegetable JuiceEdit

Vegetable Juice is a juice extracted from various vegetables. Franky consumed this by accident during his fight with Fukurou at Enies Lobby, causing him to feel healthy, but not actually powering him up.[25]


Cola (コーラ Kōra?) is a type of beverage, presumably identical to real life cola, which is a sweet carbonated drink, usually with caramel coloring and containing caffeine.

People usually drink cola while watching special events or something along those lines. Sanji, for example, was complaining about the price of cola during the final event of the Davy Back Fight.[26]

Franky Showing Fridge

Bottles of cola stored within Franky's stomach compartment.

Cola is also an essential source of energy for the Straw Hat crew member, Franky. As a cyborg model "BF-36", Franky is able to store cola in a mini-fridge he has where his stomach would normally be, and he can store up to three bottles (6 liters) of cola.[27] Depending on the amount of cola he has stored, his attacks can be a lot more powerful, and they are weaker when he has less cola; it is unknown if his new model "BF-37" is the same, though he still uses cola as power. The Straw Hats' ship, the Thousand Sunny, also uses cola for attacks and extreme maneuvers.


Comil Manga Infobox

Vice-Admiral Comil tries to drink some coffee, but can't because it's too bitter.

Coffee is a brewed drink made from coffee beans. It's commonly served hot.

Nico Robin is often seen drinking coffee. She also favors food that goes well with coffee.[28]

Coffee played a role during Ace's Great Blackbeard Search, where the Marines from the G-2 Marine Base commanded by Vice-Admiral Comil where having problems drinking their coffee, which they considered too bitter. This problem was solved after Portgas D. Ace delivered a letter from Moda, a milk-maiden and daughter of the base's chefs, to Comil, which allowed the base to get a steady supply of milk in order to put it on their coffee, making it taste much better.


Sanji Offering Tea

Sanji offering tea to Nami, Keimi and Shirahoshi.

Tea is an aromatic beverage usually made from hot water and tea plant.

It is Brook's beverage of choice, as he is often seen holding a small cup of tea. Tamago also drinks tea from a cup that doubles as part of his hat.


Brook Spa Island Arc First Outfit

Brook drinking some milk.

Milk is liquid extracted from mammals such as cows. It can be served as a drink or as an ingredient for other dairy products such as cheese.

Brook is able to seemingly heal his damaged skeleton body by drinking milk under the justification that it is good for the bones, although Usopp pointed out the flaw in that logic.

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