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Arlong Park
Arlong Park Infobox
Japanese Name: アーロンパーク
Romanized Name: Āron Pāku
English Name: Arlong Park
Debut: Chapter 69; Episode 30
Region: East Blue
Affiliations: Arlong Pirates
For the chapter with the same name, see Chapter 69.

Arlong Park was the Arlong Pirates' base of operations. It was located on Conomi Islands. This building, boasting several stories and their Jolly Roger at the top, was conspicuously placed at the coast to show that they had no fear of the law.[1] The entire building was destroyed by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Ono, smashing Arlong through five stories downwards.[2]


Arlong Park's Destruction

The destruction of Arlong Park.

Arlong Park was built on the coastline, near the ocean, where the pool on the outside was linked to the outer seas, for Mohmoo to go in and out of, with a pair of steel gates that kept it closed. The building itself was modeled after the main building in Sabaody Park and contained two notable rooms. The first was the weapon room, on the first floor, where Zoro's Wado Ichimonji was kept when he was captured, until it was returned to him by Nami;[3] it is also where the Kiribachi, along with several katana, were kept.[4] The second was the map room, on the top fifth floor, where Nami was forced to make maps for the pirates, and Arlong intended to keep Nami in the room for the rest of her life. Luffy could sense the sadness Nami suffered in the room, and that the pen she used was bloodied.[5]

Arlong Park's design overall resembled Sabaody Park, a similarity Nami noticed. This was due to the crew's childhood desire to become accepted into the human society, and to reflect the cruelty of Sabaody Archipelago's slave-trade.[6]


  • The design of the inner face of the gates to Arlong Park greatly resemble Jinbe's face.


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