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Aobire was an anime-only Yagara Bull from Water 7. He was formerly Abi's pet, before passing away.[1]


Aobire was a very old Yagara Bull, at over 100 years of age. He had a small bushy beard and a pair of bushy eyebrows. Both of these had gone white through aging. His most distinguishable feature was his blue dorsal fin for which he was named.


Aobire was very caring, risking his life and eventually dying trying to help a young Yagara Bull.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite his advanced age, Aobire was able to successfully reach and protect a young Yagara Bull in a forgotten area of Water 7.


Aobire belonged to Abi's family. While the Straw Hat Pirates were in Water 7, Aobire wandered off and eventually passed away. It is later revealed that Aobire had gone down into the forgotten area of Water 7 in order to rescue a young Yagara Bull, which got adopted by Abi.[1]


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