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Ao Chari
Ao Chari Infobox
Japanese Name: 青チャリ
Romanized Name: Ao Chari[1]
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Chapter 303; Episode 225[2]
Affiliations: Kuzan

The Ao Chari is a bicycle that Kuzan rides. After the timeskip it seems to have been replaced by a super penguin named Camel as Kuzan's new form of transportation.[3]


Kuzan is able to ride a bicycle over the sea, thanks to his ice manipulating powers. He uses his powers to freeze the water in front of him to form a narrow track, which he can ride on. The bicycle itself, however, seems to hold no special properties.


This method of traveling was first seen when Kuzan met the Straw Hat Pirates on Long Ring Long Land, after their Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates. He was able to travel from island to island on his bicycle. It hasn't been seen after that in the canon series.

During the non-canon film, One Piece Film: Z, Kuzan was seen riding this bike after the destruction of Firs Island.[4]


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