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Amigo Pirates
Amigo Pirates Jolly Roger
Japanese Name: アミーゴ海賊団
Romanized Name: Amīgo Kaizokudan
English Name: Amigo Pirates
First Appearance: Episode 426
Captain: Largo
Main Ship: Unnamed submarine
Total Bounty: Unknown
The Amigo Pirates were a Pirate Crew that allied themselves with Shiki and appeared in the anime-only Little East Blue Arc.[1]

They sail in a submarine and the majority of them dress up as mariachis, giving them a Mexican theme. They are led by Largo and his First Mate Corto. Their group is welcomed to become Shiki's 51st pirate division, but are given a condition first, which is to kidnap Boss, a giant beetle that was apparently stolen from Shiki, and is now living in Little East Blue. They were all arrested by the citizens of Little East Blue after being defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates.

Crew matesEdit

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Amigo Pirates
Largo Corto Other Crew Members

Crew StrengthEdit

The crew is strong enough to roam the seas of the Grand Line and to be offered a position in the fleet of Shiki, a legendary pirate, from Roger's era. The crew's strength seems to reside mainly in his Captain and Vice Captain, who proved themselves capable of fighting some of the Straw Hats, even if for a short while. The Amigo Pirates seem to be particularly well equipped, as they sailed on a submarine ship supplied with paddle wheels and giant harpoon launchers, and their Vice Captain displayed in combat an impressive arsenal of weapons. The other crew members were seen using guns and swords.


Amigo Pirates' Submarine
Amigo Pirates' submarine.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

The Amigo Pirates have an unnamed submarine as their ship. It was first shown in Episode 426, and destroyed in battle in Episode 429, when Luffy smashed Largo through it with a Gear Third attack.

It is a green ship with intricate pattern designs, and their jolly roger painted on its front. Due to the ship being a submarine, it lacks a sail. However, the sides have paddle-wheels that allow it to move underwater without a sail. It has a large periscope on the deck and what appears to be gigantic harpoon launchers on the back, besides the main cabin. The back cabin has a large sombrero as a rooftop. It can be summoned by Largo's whistling.


  • Their ship is the second in the series capable of changing into a submarine, the first being Wapol's ship.[2]
  • The regular Amigo Pirates made a mistake: they said Olé, instead of Órale (Olé is a Spanish word used in bullfighting and Órale is a common Mexican interjection).
  • The higher-ranking members wear extremely large sombreros.
  • "Amigo" is Spanish for "friend"; this would translate "Amigo Pirates" to "Friend Pirates". Amigo is also a pun on their captain's Devil Fruit, the Ami Ami no Mi.


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