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For the similarly named island, see Amazon Lily.

Amazon[1] was the elderly gatekeeper of Skypiea and informer at the entrance to Skypiea known as Heaven's Gate. She let people in even if they could not pay her extol toll, but purposely failed to tell those who did not pay about the consequences for entering the city.

After the timeskip, she became the admission ticket saleswoman for Skypiea's new theme park, Rubber Band Land.


Amazon is a short very elderly woman with an extensively wrinkled face. She has purple hair, put into two buns. She has thin arms, and wears a pink tunic, and has small white wings on her back like all Skypieans.

After the time skip, Amazon has part of her hair put into two buns, and part hanging down. She is also wearing lipstick.


Mostly she seems to care about nothing. She explains to the Straw Hats that she is not a warrior and if they refused to pay the toll she would not try to stop them from entering. Her calm demeanor remained even when she found herself flooded with people fleeing to the Blue Sea in a panic. While she did not refuse to answer the Straw Hats questions, she neglected to them vital information about Skypiea's currency, Extol, or the consequences of not paying the toll to enter.


Skypiea ArcEdit

When the Straw Hats arrived in the sky, they found their way to Heaven's Gate. Amazon appeared before them to take photos of each of them. The Straw Hats first mistook her for an angel, commenting on how wrinkly she is at the same time. Amazon explained the rules for entering Skypiea and asked for an immigration fee of Esymbol1,000,000,000 - equal to Beli100,000 - per person.

After the Straw Hats told her that they cannot afford it she informed them that they can pass if they wanted to; however, she did not tell them that they would become outlaws for doing so.[1]

Amazon dancing

Amazon dancing for Enel's defeat.

She is later seen when the residents of Angel Island tried to flee to the Blue Seas. She was panicking because she had never had that many people come through the gate at once.

She is seen once more during the celebration following Enel's defeat, dancing with Nami.

From the Decks of the WorldEdit

Amazon is seen after the timeskip, being responsible for selling tickets in the new theme park, Rubber Band Land, in Skypiea.[3]


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