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Amanda is a girl looking for her father's treasure in the second TV Special, along with her two siblings, younger sister Milia and little brother Holy.[1]


Amanda is a young girl of average height, with long light brown hair, tied in two tails, dark brown eyes, and freckles. She wears a burgundy sleeveless shirt, with an orange sleeveless jacket, white trousers, and purple and white sandals. She also has a simple map drawn on her back, that indicates the location of a treasure her father has found during his adventures.


Amanda is usually happy, but is easily angered when adventures or treasures are mentioned, due to her father leaving when she was younger to try and find treasure.



At one point, the mother of Amanda, died. During her early childhood, Amanda's father went on many great adventures to find treasure for his children to make them happy. This upset her greatly, since she just wanted to be with her father. When he returned from one adventure, he had a fatal wound given to him by Bayan. Amanda's father gave her little sister, Milia, a log pose, her little brother, Holy, a map reading tool, and drew a map on Amanda's back before he died.

About a month before meeting the Straw Hat Pirates, Amanda and her younger siblings got captured by Zap. When Maccus and Bonney were moving cargo, they came across the children, and Amanda struck a deal with the two to go to and island where her father's treasure was. The five of them escaped Zap on a small life boat and traveled to the island to find the treasure.

Open Upon the Great Sea! A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream!Edit

Bayan Learns Amanda's Secret

Bayan learns Amanda's secret

Amanda, Maccus, Bonney, and the children eventually ended up on a deserted island where they met the Straw Hat Pirates. They tried to hide from the Straw Hats, but Zoro spotted them quickly. When Amanda, Maccus, and Bonney revealed themselves, they tried to lie to the pirates by saying they were a family on vacation. Usopp tried to tell an adventurous story to the "family", but Amanda ran away out of anger.

The Bayan Pirates arrived on the island and captured her and Luffy. Zap apprehended her, and Bayan forced her to reveal the map through his pirate choir's singing. However, the Straw Hats managed to defeat Zap and Bayan, and help locate the treasure which turns out to be a gigantic clam and pearl (i.e.: the island they were on). This regained Amanda's respect for her father while Maccus and Bonney offered to adopt Amanda and her siblings in the end.[2]


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