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Aisa Manga Post Timeskip Infobox

Manga - Anime Aisa Anime Pre Timeskip Infobox

Japanese Name: アイサ
Romanized Name: Aisa
English Name: Aisa
Debut: Chapter 249; Episode 161
Affiliations: Shandia; Rubber Band Land
Birthday: January 3rd[1]
Japanese VA: Masami Suzuki
Funi English VA: Cherami Leigh

Aisa is a young Shandia girl who used to frequently sneak onto the Upper Yard to collect vearth. After the timeskip, she works in the Rubber Band Land theme park and sells Cloud Balloons. She is the daughter of Isa[2] and the cousin of Laki.


Aisa is a small Shandia girl. She wears a fur dress and cap. In the manga, her dress and cap are yellow and the in lines are white. The side cloth of her cap is also green. She has short brown hair. In the anime, her dress is brown, and her cap is yellow-white, with white cloth on the sides, and bare feet. She also carries a tan satchel, with yellow buckles.

Sometimes, in the manga or anime, she wears a yellow dress with matching sandals.

Sky Picnic

Aisa with a different outfit

Two years later, she has grown significantly. She is much taller and her wings have become slightly larger as well. She is seen wearing a Rubber Band Land cap. She also followed Laki's suggestion as her hair is now longer and in pigtails.[3]


Since she was born, she had the ability known as "mantra". Because of this, she hates it when people die and will try anything to stop it, even rushing into danger without any plans on what to do.

Aisa is good friends with Laki and tends to bring her gifts like bags of dirt, which are considered holy and are called Vearth in the sky. Aisa wants to be a strong fighter like everyone else but is afraid of Wiper, though she warms up to him eventually. Aisa is a bit of a tomboy as she reacted with disgust when Laki suggested she grow her hair longer because it would look cute on her.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Further information: Haki/Kenbunshoku Haki

Aisa was born with the ability known as Mantra (later revealed to be a kind of Haki), which gave her a sixth sense of the world around her. She can sense when people die as well as the feelings of others. She was able to tell where Enel was, despite the latter traveling at lightning speed.[4]


Aisa was often seen carrying a burn blade as protection for herself. She has used it on several occasions to threaten others but she is never shown using it in actual combat.


Skypiea ArcEdit

Survival GameEdit

Aisa Meets Nami

Aisa meets Nami.

She is the one who reveals the defeat of Satori and Gan Fall to the rest of the tribe, and later tries to stop all of the killing by going to Upper Yard, where she meets the Straw Hat Pirates.

Conis and Pagaya with Aisa

Aisa on a waver with Su, Conis, and Pagaya.

Though she is initially afraid of them, she soon warms up to the pirates, especially Luffy and Nami. Aisa helps Luffy locate Enel and after the war ends, Aisa no longer has to be a warrior.

Where They Are NowEdit

She was later seen taking a walk on the Vearth with Laki, Conis and Nola.[5]

Two Years LaterEdit

From the Decks of the WorldEdit

Two years later, Aisa works at the Rubber Band Land amusement park. She is dubbed the Cloud Ball Girl and she is selling cloud balloons to the children.[3]


Aisa Super Deformed Series

Aisa in the Super Deformed Series.

So far she has only appeared in the One Piece Super Deformed Figures merchandise series.


  • Aisa (秋沙) means "merganser" (a type of sea-duck), continuing the trend of female characters sharing names with birds.[6]
  • Aisa's family relationship is often misunderstood.


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