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Aim! The King of Berry
Aim! The King of Berry
Japanese Title: めざせ!キングオブベリー
Romanized Title: Mezase! Kingu obu Berī
English Title: Aim! The King of Berry
Developer(s): Banpresto Co
Publisher(s): Banpresto Co
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: Board game

One Piece: Aim! The King of Berry is a Japanese only game for Game Boy Advance. This game takes place from the first arc in the story up to Alabasta Saga. The game just simply board game, with additional aspect of traditional RPG Game.


The Player controls one of the five playable character (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper in a board game based on One the One Piece world. From the START Point, the players, with their boats, move around a vast seaboard without any guide. Because there is no GOAL point at any turn, movement is decided by rolling a die, or additional dice if one gets a card. The goal of this game is collect as much money (Beli) as Nami wants for the crew.

Platform Edit

To move and find new islands, players roll a die. If it lands the player on a sea platform, the player will pick up a card. The cards carry various effect, such as healing HP/MP, change your direction, fight monsters and give you additional dice the next turn.


Along the way, players will find islands, guarded by villains from the One Piece Story (both manga and anime villains). Players will be given options to fight them, or to try and escape. If they choose fight, the player will engage the enemy in a classic RPG fighting game (one attack allowed each turn). When the player wins, they are awarded with some treasure, and money, and sometimes a Shop, Restaurant or Workshop will be built on that island. Sometimes an island contains only treasure without being guarded, and sometimes players will meet allies for battles there.


Player status include HP (Hit Points) for life value. If the players runs out his HP, players will be knocked back to the START point and lose some Berry. MP (Miracle Points) are used to perform special moves and attacks. MP also can be used out of battle. On the board, players can perform special moves, such as Luffy's Gomu Gomu Rocket to increase his dice number by 2. MP will regain itself slowly during each turn. Items can be put into your inventory, though you can only carry 5 different items at one time. Items in the One Piece world include Meat for HP, and Mushrooms to lower your enemy's status. The items can only bought in Item Shops at some islands. The number on the dice represent your movement each turn. Dice can be upgraded in workshops. Each character have their own type of movements however.



Playable CharacterEdit


All antagonists from the Romance Dawn Arc until the Alabasta Arc appear here. They all have different HP and attacks, as in the story.


Some characters will join you if you meet them on an Island, or by picking up Special cards. Allies will fight with you, if you summon them, and they can be summoned many times in battle as long as their HP remains.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Nami appears to act as a "money bank", because if the player meets Nami, they will lose all their Beli.

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