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Ahho Desunen IX[2] is a noble from the Goa Kingdom and the father of Ahho Zurako.[1]


Ahho Desunen is a rotund man with blond hair and a small black mustache. His nose is slightly long and pointed, and as a noble, he wears fine, white clothes with a yellow cravat.[1]


Typical for a corrupted noble, Desunen is cruel and self-centered, as he believes that those who are not nobles are trash.[1]


Ahho ZurakoEdit

Desunen has an amiable relationship with his daughter, Zurako. He spoiled and corrupted her with cruel beliefs that people who live in trash dumps deserve death for not being born nobles.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Desunen does not have any notable powers, other than the wealth and privilege of a noble.



During the burning of Gray Terminal, Desunen was telling his daughter that the people who live in Gray Terminal are trash and deserve to die for not being born nobles.[1]


  • His name Ahho Desunen is an allusion to the Japanese phrase aho desunen which means "I am an idiot" in comedy slang.


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