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Acrobatic Fuwas
Manga - Anime

Acrobatic Fuwas Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: 軽業フワーズ
Romanized Name: Karuwaza Fuwāzu
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 10; Episode 5
Affiliations: Buggy Pirates; Buggy and Alvida Alliance
Occupations: Pirates

The Acrobatic Fuwas[1] are a minor pirate group within the Buggy Pirates.


The largest and chubbiest one wears a short sleeved yellow shirt, under black suspenders, that are holding up large blue pants. He also wears a jester style hat, with the same color. He also sports black shoes.

Another, skinnier, shirtless one wears a light pink pointed collar, black pants, and a pointed, orange and red striped hat, with a white ball on the top.

A third, average sized one sports a black short sleeved shirt with white lines on it, and tan pants. He also has black shoes, and a panda hat.

The last one wears a light blue shirt, with a dark blue bandana.


The Acrobatic Fuwas are quite cocky, since they lunged at Nami after she refused to fire a cannon at Luffy. Despite being very cocky, they were easily defeated by Zoro.

Abilities and PowersEdit

While mildly competent at wielding their weapons, they were quite easily defeated by Monkey D. Luffy.


They are seen attacking Nami together when she refused to fire a cannon at Luffy, but they were stopped easily by Zoro who quickly appeared in front of them.[2]


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  2. One Piece Manga - Chapter 10, the Acrobatic Fuwas attack Nami.

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