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The Acrobatic Fuwas[3] are a minor pirate group within the Buggy Pirates.[1]


The largest and chubbiest one wears a short sleeved yellow shirt, under black suspenders, that are holding up large blue pants. He also wears a jester style hat, with the same color. He also sports black shoes.

Another, skinnier, shirtless one wears a light pink pointed collar, black pants, and a pointed, orange and red striped hat, with a white ball on the top.

A third, average sized one sports a black short sleeved shirt with white lines on it, and tan pants. He also has black shoes, and a panda hat.

The last one wears a light blue shirt, with a dark blue bandana.


The Acrobatic Fuwas are quite cocky, since they lunged at Nami after she refused to fire a cannon at Luffy. Despite being very cocky, they were easily defeated by Zoro.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

While mildly competent at wielding their weapons, they were quite easily defeated by Roronoa Zoro.[1]


They attacked Nami together when she refused to fire a cannon at Monkey D. Luffy, but they were stopped easily by Roronoa Zoro who quickly appeared in front of them.[1]


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