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Accino Family
Accino Family Infobox
Japanese Name: アッチーノファミリー
Romanized Name: Atchīno Famirī
English Name: N/A
First Appearance: Episode 326
Affiliations: N/A
Occupations: Bounty Hunters
Leader: Accino

The Accino Family is a family of Bounty Hunters who only appeared in the anime-only Lovely Land Arc, though designed by Oda himself. Their leader/patriarch is Don Accino, and they serve as the main antagonists of the arc.


The Accino Family seemed to be strong, capable of defeating powerful targets such as the Phoenix Pirates and taking their flag as a trophy. They were also able to give the Straw Hat Pirates quite some trouble. They also use the geography of their headquarters, Hyokaido, to give them a home-field advantage against their opponents. Their father, Accino, is the strongest member of the family.


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Accino Family
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