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77th Branch
77th Branch Infobox
Japanese Name: 海軍第77支部
Romanized Name: Kaigun Dai-Nanajūnana Shibu
English Name: Marine 77th Branch
Debut: Chapter 75; Episode 34
Region: East Blue
Affiliations: Marines

The Marine 77th Branch was a Marine unit active in the East Blue and led by Commodore Pudding Pudding.


They were sent to Arlong Park on a rescue mission for the survivors of Arlong's tyrannical reign. However, when they arrived, Pudding Pudding saw the Fishman's base and gave the order to attack it. They fired a single shot, and provoked Arlong, who sent his Fishmen crew out to attack the marines. A squad consisting of Chew, Kuroobi and Hatchan sank the ship along with its entire crew by creating an artificial maelstrom below it.

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