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The One Piece 4-panel comic strips are even shorter versions of the Omake, and they appeared in second databook. They are 4-paneled mini stories of each Straw hat, including Vivi. So far, only Luffy~Robin have 4-Panel Comic Strips for themselves, and the Franky/Brook comic strips have not yet appeared. There are 8 mini omake's in total and are collectively counted as being the 2nd overall omake in the omake series.


Monkey D. Luffy versionEdit

Captain Luffy's "Go with the looks type" (キャプテン・ルフィの「形から入る系」)

Summary: Luffy tells Sanji he wants to eat doughnuts, which Sanji quickly says no to for they had limited food resources. He tells Luffy to wait until they reach the next island, much to Luffy's disappointment. After a while, Zoro asks Luffy if he saw his dumbbells. Luffy turns around and says no with his closed mouth in a round shape, indicating there is a doughnut in there. The last box shows Zoro lifting his dumbbells that has a beat-up Luffy on top.

*Note the fact that Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all have standard pirate clothing as a Captain, pirate, and chef.

Roronoa Zoro versionEdit

Brother Zoro's "Traveling Guide" (ゾロ兄やんの「観光ガイド」)

Summary: Zoro the travel guide tells a crowd of people to follow him, and that he will guide them to the festival occurring in town. Zoro and the crowd of people walk through the town, onto a bridge made of a log, and finally onto... a deserted island in the middle of the sea.

Sanji versionEdit

Man that goes the path of a man "Sanjiman" (男の道を行く男「サンジマン」)

Summary: Sanji is seen trying out for Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, and Boxing, surrounded by all men. Each time he tries out a new "sport of the man", Sanji seems to get weaker and weaker, and eventually goes to the hospital. A cameo of Usopp makes an appearance as an old doctor, telling Sanji that he has the "I-will-die-without-a-female-presence-nearby-sickness". Sanji trembles, unconsciously pressing a button, weakly calling out for nurse call, but the Usopp cameo tells Sanji that this hospital has only male nurses.

Usopp versionEdit

Brother Usopp's "GO TO ogre slaying" (ウソップ兄やんの「GO TO 鬼退治」)

Summary: Usopp is in samurai clothing, telling his Grandmother & Grandfather that he will go orge slaying. He tells them that he will gather 8000 underlings, and telling them to make 8000 kibi dangos in order to feed each of his servants. On his journey, Usopp comes across a monkey boss and tells him to join his group if he wanted a kibi dango. The monkey boss quickly beats Usopp, who changes his mind on scouting bossy people. The final panel shows Usopp saying "Let's go-!" with three underlings -an aged monkey, bird an dog- with a box pointing at them that said "ate all 8000".

*Note that this story is based on the story The Peach Boy.

Nami versionEdit

Queen Nami the Sista's "Wish upon a star" (女王ナミ姉やんの「星に願いを」)

Summary: Queen Nami remarks that the stars are pretty to her servant, Usopp. Usopp tells Queen Nami that if someone wishes upon a star 3 times before it disappears, it comes true. As Usopp brags about how he is good at tounge twister, and that it would be more than easy to make any long wish come true, Queen Nami says "Oh, a shooting star", to Usopp's surprise. Usopp tries to wish "I wanna become a great warrior of the sea" 3 times which fails miserably, but Nami simply wishes "moneymoneymoney", and walks away happily. Usopp's face is drained and sweating, as he watches in a shocked way.

Chopper versionEdit

Ally of justice, "Chopperman" (正義の味方「チョッパーマン」)

Summary: A couple of little kids come crying to Chopperman, pleading for help. Chopperman simply nods and says "OK" to them. The kids point at a big robot and people running away from it, saying that it is a "looks like a robot but is actually a bomb", saying that it would be horrible if it exploded in town. Chopperman sparkles as he imagines riding on it flying, to the children's shock, as more people yell and run away in the background.

*Note the fact that this is the only 4-Panel Mugiwara Theatre that has continuation stories to it.

Nefertari Vivi versionEdit

Vivi-yan and the "Magical Lamp" (ビビやんと「魔法のランプ」)

Summary: A Genie pops out of a lamp in front of Vivi, to her surprise, telling her he will grant 3 wishes for her. Vivi hesitantly wishes for world peace, a solution to racism, ...and for the Genie to become free. The Genie is deeply touched, and follows Vivi around with now feet instead of being in a lamp. Vivi screams and runs.

*Note that this story is somewhat based on the story Aladdin and its Disney animation adaptation.

Nico Robin versionEdit

Devil Incarnate "Robin Devil" (悪魔の化身「ロビンデビル」)

Summary: Robin Devil giggles as she states that she does not care if people die. Other demons cheer in the background. The "worst devil in hell", DJ Satan, comes to the scene dancing along with his subordinates, telling Robin Devil "let's doom the human world today again!". In the next panel, DJ Satan is all beat up, and some devils cause a ruckus yelling that Robin Devil is especially pissed today, wondering what in the world DJ Satan did. In the final panel, a flower garden with a ruined flower and footsteps everywhere is shown.

*Note that Robin's personality is very different from the real storyline, and that she is wearing makeup.

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