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16th Branch
16th Branch Infobox
Japanese Name: 海軍第16支部
Romanized Name: Kaigun Dai-Jūroku Shibu
English Name: Marine 16th Branch
Navy's 16th Division (4Kids)
Debut: Chapter 94; Episode 43
Region: East Blue
Affiliations: Marines

The 16th Branch Base is a Marine Base and the seat of the 16th Marine Branch in East Blue. It is commanded by Captain Nezumi. The 16th branch commanders code to the headquarters is 0073.[1]

It was this branch which is responsible for the region of Conomi Islands which is where Cocoyasi Village belongs. It was also the one responsible for ignoring the activities of the fishman Arlong of the Arlong Pirates and his tyrannical rule on Cocoyasi.

They were also tipped off by Arlong and invaded Nami's and Nojiko's home and confiscated all Beli93,000,000, that Nami had gathered to buy her village's freedom. Their commander is later beaten up by Nami for it. It was also Nezumi who first reported Monkey D. Luffy as a pirate to the Marine Headquarters.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

16th Branch Episode 490 Cameo
The cameo in the anime.
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  1. One Piece Manga and Anime - Vol. 11 Chapter 94 and Episode 43, Nezumi says his marine code on the Den Den Mushi.

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