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Époni is a nurse in service to the Germa Kingdom who took care of the late queen.[1]


Époni is a large woman with shoulder-length dark hair. She wears a French maid's uniform.[1]


As a servant of the Vinsmoke Family, Époni is very dutiful and submissive toward them, especially the late queen. She was very amiable toward Sanji, although she was honest about his lack of cooking skills.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Époni has some medical and culinary expertise, being able to take care and prepare meals for the bedridden queen.[1]



Over 13 years ago, a young Sanji went to see his mother. He showed Époni the food he made for her, though Époni stated that his mother had difficulty keeping anything down. Époni tried the food just in case, but the food was extremely bad. Sanji then saw his mother, who told Époni that she would eat the food Sanji prepared. Époni tried to explain what had happened to the food, but the queen ate it and said it was delicious, shocking her and Sanji.[1]



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