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The Most courageous Straw Hat Rank? Rank The straw hat based on their bravery.

Being Strongest Doesn't Mean To Win Easily

Being Strongest Means To Keep Fighting Back No Matter How Tough The Opponent Is.

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Just a Thought

You know, for someone that doesn’t have a sense of direction, Zoro has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Pun intended
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War 9 years back

The home island of mihawk had some nasty history which was inhabited by humandrils who apparently learned the fighting techniques from ferocious humans and learned how to use weapons. Any idea what war was that and who were the guys who fought with each other?
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Straw Hats Order of Command?

Its obvious that Zoro is 1st mate. But then what would be the current order after that? I'm pretty sure Sanji would be 3rd in command but after that I'm not sure. Curious to know what other people thought about it.

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are we going to ignore speculation on "Im" legit the guy whos at the top of everything
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Kaido is not a Df user

Kaido is not a DF user. Hear me out. The first time we saw Kaido was he was on a Sky island. He wanted to jump 10000 feet and die. Because joker was defeated and they had a dream together to put up an army to start a great war. Well he jumped but didnt die. He landed on an island. Why cant he just drown himself at sea? Right? Wrong. All of us assumed he was a df user. But apparently he is actually not. That would explain on why he cant die drowning at sea. There was saying about him, " On land sea and air, he is a pirate who is known as the strongest creature among all living creatures." boom! That would mean he cant die if he had to on sea. Or air. Or land  And it said he is a creature? So it would mean that he is a dragon originally not human. And dragons can fly in the sky, walk on ground and actually swim. Thats why he cant die. He cant drown himself and he can breathe underwater. The dragon form was not his df ability at all. But he has a human form. What about that huh? Well that is another theory. What i think is it could be Big Mom's doing. When she said kaido has a debt or something in the past with big mom so yeah. Lets just wait for Japanese Oda to reveal that for Pinoy Oda to make a theory about it. Boom!
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If One Piece characters had Pokemon types ((POTENTIAL SPOILERS WARNING))







Hey this is just a fun little thing I thought of while contemplating my life and in honor of the new Pokemon games. If each One Piece character had a pokemon type(s) that best suits their powers/abilities/fighting style/or even personality.

So here is my take on it feel free to add yours (Also this is just my own opinion).

Straw Hats:

Monkey D. Luffy - Ground (Other possibilities: Fight, Fight/Ground)

Roronoa Zoro - Grass/Dark

Nami - Normal/Flying

Usopp - Rock

Sanji - Fire/Fight

Tony Tony Chopper - Ice

Robin - Poison

Franky - Steel

Brook - Ghost

Jinbe - Water/Fight

Warlords/Former Warlords:

Boa Hancock - Psychic

Crocodile - Ground/Dark

Doflamingo - Normal/Flying

Mihawk - Dark

Kuma - Normal/Steel

Trafalgar D. Water Law - Fairy/Steel (Other possibilities: Psychic, Psychic/Steel)

Buggy the Clown - Normal

Gekko Moriah - Ghost/Dark

Edward Weevil - ?

Yonko/Former Yonko

Blackbeard - Dark/Rock

Whitebeard - Rock/Steel

Big Mom - Fairy/Ghost

Kaido - Dragon

Shanks - Steel (for now)


Sabo - Fire/Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon - ? (I want to say Dragon/Flying but his wind type devil fruit is yet to be confirmed)

Koala - Normal/Fight

Hack - Fighting

Ivankov - Psychic?

Prominent Antagonists: (Mostly the main antagonists of each saga and some of the arcs)

Arlong - Water/Steel (Because of his sharpened jaws/nose that he uses as a weapon.)

Wapol - Steel

Eneru - Electric/Flying

Foxy - Psychic

Rob Lucci - Fight/Dark

Magellan - Poison

Hody Jones - Water

Caesar Clown - Poison/Flying

Katakuri - Normal/Ground


Monkey D. Garp - Rock/Fight

Coby - Fight

Akainu - Fire

Smoker - Flying

Tashigi - Normal

Aokiji - Ice

Kizaru - Psychic (Why is there no light type :( )

Fujitora - Rock

Other Prominent Characters:

Portgas D. Ace - Fire/Fight

Carrot - Electric/Fairy

Kozuki Momonosuke - Fight/Dragon

Kin'emon - Fight/Steel

Eustass Kidd - Steel

Silvers Rayleigh - Steel

Marco - Fire/Flying

Comment if you agree/disagree/like/share/comment/subscribe/wait this isn't youtube/kill me if you desire/please do.

Might add more later but feel free to add/edit your own.

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My final theory about the will of D.

The will of D. is freedom. Yes, simple as that.

My reason: Because Luffy is the biggest clue himself. He's 100% a man of D. All the D. people smiles a lot, even when they're about to die, as if they have no regret at all, except Marshall. Luffy wants to be the most free man in the world. It may sounds too simple to be true, but I believe it, cause One Piece is a story about Luffy (lol).

What's the opposite of freedom? Yes, we all know where this is heading. Luffy's biggest enemy is WG alright, with their corrupt politics and all their rules and laws, they even allow the world nobles to do whatever they want, saying they're the gods of the world. Sounds retarded and hypocrite right? Haha... I'm not saying that freedom is always a good thing. A complete freedom without any rules is like a total anarchy. You can hurt and slave people however you like, cause there's no rule. That's no good.

I dunno what D. stands for. It could be anything. The world nobles said that D. people may eat you if you misbehave. Maybe they were a group of outlaws who values freedom above all else. Maybe they were bad guys, cause the world nobles fear them. That being said, the fact is that most of D. people in the story, so far are a good guys.

You know what, I think the real evil in Luffy's world is politics itself. You know how politics can corrupt people's mind.

Feel free to comment guys. Don't worry, I won't bite.
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What Shanks did to BB in exchange for the scar in his eye.

What Shanks did to BB in exchange for the scar in his eye.
Hear me out.
Shanks also known as Red Hair is one of the Yonkos that rule the New World. He could be the strongest of all the Yonkos but I seriously doubt that. I bet he is dead last in terms of strength ranking. Anyways, BB gave him a scar on his eye. It was told during Shanks arrival in Marineford war. But seriously how did BB gave a scar on Shanks eye without a scratch. Well actually Shanks was able to exchange blows with him but not a scar. Actually Shanks took some of Blackbeard's teeth. As you can see BB has lots of missing teeth in the picture. Thats how Shanks was able to het even with Blackbeard when they confronted each other in the past. Boom! Convinced?
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The SHGF(Straw Hat Grand Fleet )

'Aye Aye Captain!' The fleet has been doing great and will Join our heroes in Wano.
After Kaido's defeat, Luffy will become a full fledged emperor, On that Auspicious occasion SHGF will officially be recognized.
The Preparations are on their way.
Image: A Jolly Roger fit for the alliance in making by bellamy.
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Will of the Demon? here me out

The will of the d, from all my research i’ve finally come to conclusion, the first clue is in the name, WILL, of the d, will as in want, goal. D, however, I think stands for demon,

Then it will make sense, will of the demon. What? you ask, here me out, you see as we get to see all the charcters with WOTD (will of the D) they all have a will/goal, and it’s taking over them, like hate, revenge, or power, like blackbeard, power, Law, revange, but deep down in the hearts of those charcters, there is still goodness, like when the giant red hair with d for middle name guy was planned to kill Nico Robin’s mother or watever, but his good in his heart led her go, and i think luffy was destined to awake the good, but that is not the topic, so I think in the final war, it’s not a war between pirates and marines, but a war between the people’s to choose which side are they really on, probley one of the really powerful marines is going to choose pirate, will of the demon means that those people have a will that controlling them like a demon, but deep inside the angle still lives.

Who will win in final war
  • Team Government
  • Team Pirate
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Marineford will no longer follow order from WG

@will Dy Theories
You remind me of an old theory but it was proven wrong from oda him self.
the theory stated that Marines will acknowledge the fact that WG is an invalid regime
But since aokji didn't take headquarters comand we all know this thoery will not happen not under akuino
Unless kobi do something and take the comand form akuino which is unlikely.
Again this theory is a very old theory
Lets play some game guys i will but some sentences.
You may rearrange them as you like you may take some you may leave some you may add some in the end make a good theory out of them.
#(grap senguko final scene)
#(luffys losses a leg to protect someone)
#(dragon is in a very a bad situation)
#(imu sama and kaidos head)
#(someone reach full armoer golden haki)
#(sabo fulfils his duty as revolutionary )
#(blackbeard and shankes encounter)
#(bugges death)
#(luffies controlls time)
#(some one will have to new blades-(green,blue))
#(Mihawk will finally pass on his curs)
#(vegabunk have no resone to live)
#(luffy become a gear giant)
#(green ball and smoker battle)
#(law last surgery)
#(the gather of the four ancient)
#(kuma and robin)
#(will of D life after death)
#(kadio the hunderd beast final hundredth mistake)
#(blackbeard and impeldown reunion)
#(akuino's can't surpasses his master)
#(blackbeard knows enough to reach raft)
#(the thunder moon final battel)
#(fujitora wicked death)
#(aokji and shanks collaboration)
#(cp0 new power)
#(resone why robin help dragon)
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Silvers Rayleigh is a Revolutionary.

Silvers Rayleigh is a revolutionary. Hear me out. Silvers Rayleigh is the vice captain of the Roger pirates. He is currently living out his retirement in sabaody archipelago. But why there? I mean that island is closely located near marineford headquarters. Why risk living their if your a wanted man? Simple. Even in his old age he tends to help people as he could. Everyone knows in Sabaody there is an auction hall. Where people and other races have been sold to rich bidders and sometimes Celestials. First time we saw Rayleigh was he was caught and was sitting backnstage inside the auction hall.  He is a strong guy why would he be captured? How could he be captured? Unless, it was intended so that he could have access behind the curtains and rescue other prisoners. He saves them and doesnt leave a trace so the captors wont know a thing who took and save those prisoners. He works in the shadows. No one would expect an old man saving prisoners before they get sold as slaves. So basically he is a revolutionary. Maybe dragon talked to him about saving this people because he was the only strong guy living In sabaody and be capable of saving them. The only reliable guy. So rayleigh accepted and became a Revolutionary. Boom!

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Blackbeard is an Admiral

Blackbeard is an admiral.

Wait what?

Hear me out.

From a nobody to a warlord to a yonko. Marshall D Teach has became also an unlikely villain in One Piece. What if I told you he is a Marine but then became an Admiral? An undercover one. How? What? When? Okay. Here are the clues. He was part of WB crew. The navy wanted some undercover marine to spy on Whitebeard. So they sent teach. Also the navy wanted some powerful logia types of fruit. Look at their admirals. Light Magma and Ice. So they knew someone from the WB crew knows where to get the Yami Yami no mi. It was only a matter time teach killed tatch for the fruit then fled then the navy promoted him to be an admiral. After that, Ace hunted him. They fought. Ace lost. Teach then became a warlord. So that everyone would think he is a pirate. Why? So Marines could protect him. Duh. Also if you have notice why is teach a pirate but also makes enemies with other pirates too. WG ordered him to defeat WB in marineford so that he could become a yonko. So that there would be someone from the navy as strong as a yonko who is pretending to be a yonko. Think about it, whats his goal anyway? WB knew something off about him. But failed to give the secret away then died. So yes. Blackbird is an Undercover Admiral. Suck on that haters! Boom!

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The Most Mysterious Character in all of One Piece

I wa recently thinking about the yonko and their roles in the story so far. WB being the representative of the old era, BB being of the new era, Big Mom is the reach of a yonko, Kaido is the power of a yonko and Shanks is Luffy's goal in a way.

However as I started to get into this I kinda realized something. We know literally nothing about Shanks or his motivations. Which is really impressive considering he is one of the first characters introduced. I think he is third behind Makino and Luffy but don't quote me on that. All we know is he is a laid back dude that likes to party, and he is a pirate that sailed with Roger and later became a yonko. He like Sake from east blue/where he is from. Which may seem like a lot of info for someone to know. If you take into consideration what he has done so far in the series though it gets really vague.

We know that Shanks went to back to the east blue after becoming a renown pirate because WB said everyone was shocked he lost an arm there. Obviously we know what he did there but we don't know why he was there. Considering his power he could have gone anywhere in the world pretty much to lay back and relax yet he chose to go back to the east blue and risk losing that power over his territory. Then not only that he bets on Luffy to become the next PK. That is probably the only thing we know his motivation behind. He likes Luffy because he reminds him of his Captain.

He went to WB to tell WB to not let Ace go after BB. Maybe he wanted to protect Luffy's brother but it seemed to me like he knew what was going to happen to the world if Ace did what he did. He never seemed surprised that BB would do something like he did or even when he accomplished it he took it in stride. (Honestly this could be because he can see into the future through a time fruit or something but I hate that theory. I also hated the idea that the samurai went forward in time as well lol). Why would he care though?

Next we have Shanks arriving at the war and stopping Kaido in the process. We know why Kaido probably decided to get involved was because he wants to die and WB was probs his best bet. Really the only people that were involved in the war was the Navy, WB pirates, and Luffy's allies. There is pretty much no reason for Shanks to be there. However not only was he there but he stopped it from escalating and then actually stopped it himself. Why? You could say he didn't want to disrupt the balance of the world but it was already disrupted with WB's death and BB's ascension to power. He had no reason to be there honestly nor to stop Kaido.

The last thing I want to mention is clearly the weirdest. Why would he go to the WG? He went to the Gorosei to discuss a certain pirate. You may think its Luffy but I am pretty sure its BB. Either way why risk going there and talking to them and also why does he care so much about BB and what he can do? I get he wants Luffy to succeed but it seems to me that he is taking weird actions with little to no explanation around it.

Anyway I just realized this and thought it was really interesting. Especially considering we know the motivations behind every other yonko (well Kaidos will more than likely be revealed soon) except for Shanks. We have no clue why he does the thing he does and despite seeming laid back he gets involved in things that don't really even directly effected him.

Also some will say Dragon is the most mysterious but I think its Shanks. Sure we may know some of the less important things about Shanks but considering we have known his since the beginning and have heard from him so much the amount that we know about him is weird. Nothing but vague hints at his past and what he has done. Dragon wasn't introduced till Water 7 and we know his goal and at least have an idea of why he is doing what he is doing.

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Will Luffy learn how to fight without using his df?

In chapter 923, Kaido hit Luffy with his club and got pushed out of gear 4. I think it's either the force that Kaido used was so great that Luffy got KOd the way he did or as some people have suggested, Kaido's club might be made out of or consists of seastone since one of his underlings mentioned that Luffy was knocked out because he got hit by Kaido's club which implies that there might be something special about the club itself.

If the club is made out of seastone then this might set up Luffy learning how to fight with reduced dependence on his df or that he'll learn how to use his devil fruit to fight from long distance to avoid getting hit by the club.

This might also set up how Luffy might be able to counter Blackbeard's Dark Dark fruit since we know it negates df abilities. Luffy definitely needs a serious power up in order to stand a chance against any of the Yonko but I think his fight with Blackbeard will be the most interesting of all the Yonko.

So how do you guys think will Luffy be able to fight someone who can negate his df abilities by using seastone or a df like Teach's Dark Dark fruit?
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Zoro can eat 3 devil fruits.


Zoro can eat 3 Devil Fruits.
Hear me out.
As we all know, Zoro has been the swordsman who uses 3 swords in the One Piece world. He always argues with Sanji Love cook, heck he cant even beat him because Zoro doesnty have Haki and Sanji has Haki. Anyways, what I'm gonna talk about is Zoro eating a devil fruit. Actually not just 1, he can eat 3 devil fruits. Yes. Boom! How? Am i a retard? Haha NO you're the retard. So.. How is thos possible remember that scene from Enies Lobby Arc. That Final technique he used on Kaku. That Swordsman/Giraffe CP9 agent he was figthing at that time. I think the technique was called "ASURA ICHIBUGIN" correct me if im wrong. However, when Zoro did that it seems like 2 other Zoros appeared. Thats why we saw a total of 9 swords during that attack. What if that other Zoros that appeared are like different personalities of Zoro. The serious one, the sleeping one and the lost one. Like blackbeard who has different personalities thats why he can wield two dwvil fruit powers Yami Yami and Gura Gura. Are you convinced? Any violent reactions? Was your mind blone?
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Blackbeard's 3rd Devil Fruit

Blackbeard's 3rd Devil fruit.
Hear me out.
We all know Blackbeard has already 2 devil fruit powers. The Yami Yami no mi and Gura Gura no mi. And there's gonna be a 3rd one based on his jolly roger that has 3 skulls in it. Yes. But did you know that he already has a 3rd dwvil fruit but he just kept it in secret? Actually the Gura Gura no mi is already the last one he got and the yami yami no mi is the 2nd on he got. And based on what he got. He has all 3 types. In order, he got Zoan first, next is Logia and lastly is the Paramecia. Boom! We all know Shanks has this scar on his left eye. And it was Blackbeard who gave it to him. And look at how the scar looks like. Its a scratch like from a cat. Yes. Blackbeard's Zoan is the Cat Cat model fruit. He turns into a cat. Meow. He already got this when he was still on WB crew. Shanks and BB fought sometime after Roger's execution and Shanks beong a captain of his crew. So boom! In conclusion, Blackbeard is a Cat person who wields darkness and can shake the world. Meow. Convinced?

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Things to do when there is no chapter

Bored so writing a fun list for everyone to add, the silly and serious;

1. Re-read old chapters.

2. Re-read old chapters again because you realised you read the wrong manga.

3. throw darts at a plushie of your least favourite character

4. realise that character has no plushie and make a badly made version of it yourself you constructed out of pillow stuffing and two rags.

5. Play a One Piece video game.

6. Complete video game.

7. Reset the video game and do it again.

8. Punch the wall going "Gomu Gomu no Pistol".

9. Cover up the whole you made while doing that.

10. Move out of house before parents/landlord finds out what you did.

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