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Everybody has their own opinions, their favorites and an outcome that looks good to them but So rarely do we get to hear it. Some people believe the government will be crushed others believe it will be corrected internally after a big bad(Akainu) is defeated. On the other side of the spectrum some people believe no Yonko will be around others believe our worst generation will fill in accordingly. I'd like to hear your opinion so tell us YOUR EOS.

Marines - after a huge battle where some died a new reform is passed promoting a fair and true marine who did what was right for the citizens. Old marines retire, young one move forware propelled by change and justice. These are the few i believe will survive and improve.

New Gorosei -
Fleet Admiral - Smoker (only real choice i see. He has unbelievably drive and is a true seeker of justice)

Advisor/trainer - Fujitora
Admirals -
*Coby (i believe he will be one of the strongest characters EOS. His growth rate is impressive)
*Sentomaru (Having gained official ranking he is a sure thing to survive and rise through the ranks)
*Tashigi (Set to be the strongest swordswoman i can't see her being left out EOS)

Vice Admiral-

King of pirates - Luffy
*Zoro (over 1 billion bounty)
*Nami (upward of 600m)
*Usopp(Upward of 800m)
*Sanji (Over 1 billion)
*Chopper (Over 50M)
*Robin ( between Nami and Usopp)
*Franky (Between Nami and Usopp)
*Brooke (Over 800M)
*Jinbe (Over 1 Billion)
*carrot(?) (Over 500M)

Yonko -
*Beige (3 strongest called "The Don" Vito and Gotti are 2 of the 3)
*Law (3 strongest called idk maybe "The Surgeon" but Jean Bart and Bepo are 2 of them)
*Cavendish (unexpected but a beautiful territory would be kool)(3 strongest called "the attractive" Suleiman is the strongest)

Additional Sky Yonko (includes moon territory
Urouge and his priests maybe we will see some familiar faces. Maybe a few Shandians or weatherians)

After a grueling battle to ultimately take dowm corrupt marines led by Akainu and a vicious Yonko BlackBeard the body count is high and the system is fragile. Luffy has become King of pirates and the marines are rebuilding. Not wanting anymore outside interference the marines rally behind their glimmer of hope a small group of marines that proved invaluable during the war. A group led by marines Smoker and Fujitora who sought to end the injustice of their own organization. Supported by legemdary marines like Garp and Sengoku who led another charge all together to rectify an issue in command. Upon victory a revamped less corrupt system has been put in place. 5 new Gorosei picked by the very people they fought alongside who then promoted Fujitora who turned down the position saying smoker is more deserving and he just wishes to stand by him and rebuild. After fierce battles displaying capabilities new and old 3 still relatively young Marines have shown their prowess and leadership abilities Tashigi, Sentomaru and Coby all receive the honor of Admiral.

On the other side as the ocean is now free to resume its activities many things have changed. With the death of Blackbeard and Shanks 2 more spots have opened up that need to be filled. The battle for supremacy is on once again until with Bege already controlling Big Moms old territory and Kid controlling Kaido's Marco who was the official controller of WhiteBeards remaining territory chooses Law to be his successor dubbing him the only man with with Heart to fill his father's shoes. The last slot goes to Cavendish who through battle had accumulated many followers during the war, he finally had achieved a level of spot light enough for him. Requested by Luffy who was entrusted by Shanks he began to protect changes Villiages all but Foosha which belonged to the Pirate King himself. A surprise help during the war came from Urouge and his commanders Enel and Wiper who now claimed the skys as their kingdom. The bloodshed minimized and the balance reinstated all 3 powers realized that the other is necessary as without the other the world crumbles.

That's my EOS what's yours?
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